Romans 2:1-16

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands”


Romans 2:1-16



The world is an amazing place. Who could not enjoy the beauty of a sunset (or sunrise if they get up early enough) or a long walk on the beach or in the mountains. In the last chapter, Paul tells the Roman church that since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities – his fingerprints if you like have been clearly seen. It’s not a mystery that so many people all over the world have tried to find God, and worship God, even if they know nothing about the God of the Bible that we know.

Sometimes people do good things even when they don’t know God. Somewhere in our inmost nature we have consciences that tell us when things are wrong and when we shouldn’t do something. Paul says that even those who don’t have all the rules that were set out for life in the Old Testament sometimes follow them by instinct.

God isn’t going to judge people for laws that they don’t know about – he’s not unfair. But there are some things that we do know. We know what he expects of us – and Paul says that we should focus on living right and sorting out our own lives before going “Wow, look what they’re doing…” as we do know what and how we should live ourselves.


Lord God, thank you that you are a just God. Help me to live a life that pleases and honours you. Amen.


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