Romans 1: 18-32

Is there anything in your life at the moment, which is, quite frankly, a bit messy?


Romans 1:18-32



At the heart of the gospel is the message that, like it or not, we messed up. We made bad choices in our lives, stopped loving God with all that we are, and stopped loving our neighbours. And this was and is very bad.

The Bible talks about the wrath of God as being the punishment for all the things we have done. Sometimes in the Old Testament, that anger has been worked out in an invading army, or through famine or drought, or something devastating for the whole community.

God’s standards were perfect – white like snow. But the thing with snow is, that once something has made it dirty, the whole thing is ruined, whether it might be mud from your boots or a dog that has done a wee. (And dog poo freezes, did you know?) It is the same with us and when we mess up. We can no longer be white and clean and good enough for a perfect God.

But the beauty is, that is where Jesus comes in. He makes us clean. He takes the punishment (which is death) for all the things we have done so that we can be free. And those things are gone.

This passage is all about the bad things that people have done and why they make God angry. At the heart is that they knew God but did not give him glory nor thanks. Let’s not be those people who have turned away from all that God has done for us, but let’s remember all that he has done for us and him him thanks for that.


Lord God, we thank you that you sent Jesus to make us clean and pure and able to know you. Help us to give you the glory for all that you are doing and have done for us. Amen.


Take the mess to Jesus, and ask him to help you sort it out.


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