Acts 28: 11-31

Have you ever been in trouble for doing something you didn’t do?


Acts 28: 11-31



Another journey by ship later (must have been somewhat terrifying after the last one), Paul and his guards arrived in Rome. He was put under house arrest, and yet still he tried to share the Gospel with others around him. He really didn’t give up easily.

He spent ages trying to convince the local Jewish leaders that Jesus was the Messiah using the Old Testament  passages they knew and loved. He tried and tried and tried to love these people who had been so terrible towards him. In the end he had to give up.

A few were saved and were convinced by what he said, but many weren’t. It was from there that Paul realised that some words spoken many years before were actually true – that not everyone wants to hear about the life and hope Jesus brings.

It is always reassuring when someone like Paul struggles to convince everyone hearing him as I’m sure he was a fantastic preacher and evangelist. (Not that it’s good that people weren’t buying – it was bad). But people won’t necessarily be brought to their knees every time we preach the Gospel to them.

From here, Paul decided his main ministry would be to the Gentiles. They were the non-Jewish people at the time, and they seemed more enthusiastic. He never turned his back on the Jewish people, and he was one, but he stopped giving time and energy to something that clearly he wasn’t being called to any more.


Lord God, thank you that you guided Paul on the right path and helped him to spread your Gospel. Thank you for all the effort he went to so that people like me could know you. Help me tell people about you today. Amen.


Who is God guiding you to tell about his love today?


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