Acts 27:27-28:10

So this is my last day writing the LIFE BIOY posts for a while. Thanks for coming with me on Paul’s journey! Lets see what the last chapter has in store for Paul…



Read here: Acts 27:27-28:10



So this story in the Bible feels a little like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. I can picture the ship, running aground on the island of Malta, and being dashed to pieces by the waves. The crew swimming for their lives! So dramatic!


Although, what stands out for me the most, is the kindness that the local people on Malta show the crew of the abandoned ship. After a terrifying journey, they must have been so thankful for a kind welcome. On arrival, they built them a warm fire, and due to the healings that Paul was able to give, they honoured the crew in many ways and gave them all the supplies they needed to continue their journey.


Does this remind anyone of the refugees we keep seeing on the news? There are some islands where literally thousands of people have come ashore due to displacement from their home countries. It really puts into perspective my own relatively easy life.


It’s heartening to see local communities and volunteers helping those people, and it makes me realise that I should be doing more to help those who are in need. Maybe we can’t all do something so dramatic as saving a life, but we can do some smaller things. We could spend some time with someone we know is feeling lonely, we could send a card to a friend who is going through a rough time, we could donate to a local food bank, or raise some money for charity by doing a fun run.


So many times we receive help from others. Why not let today be the day you start giving back?


Lord Jesus, thank you for the volunteers that have been helping refugees all over the world. Help me to remember those who are less fortunate than me, and to reach out to people who are in need. Fill me with kindness and compassion, so that I can do your will in this world. Amen.






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