Acts 27:1-26


Read here: Acts 27:1-26



Do you sometimes feel like you try, try and try, and you still can’t succeed? I love that famous quote from Yoda (apologies to all non-Star Wars fans), you know the one that goes:


“ Do, or do not. There is no try.”


Classic moment! But is that really the case in life? Surely you have to ‘try’, in order to ‘do’? I guess what Yoda means, is that you need to be determined in life.


But wait a minute, why am I talking about Yoda? Well, it strikes me that as Paul goes on this journey over the sea, that the crew are trying desperately to go one way, but they just can’t manage it. A storm keeps knocking them off course, and threatens the safety of the ship and all their lives. They may be determined, but it’s not getting them anywhere! It’s only Paul who remains calm, ensuring the crew that their lives will be spared.


Sometimes life can feel that way. We try so hard to do something, but keep getting knocked back. In times like this, we can always rely on the strength of God and his protection. Our lives may not go the way we planned, but one thing is always clear, that God will stay with us, standing by us through the fiercest storm.


So as Paul says:


“Keep up your courage, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.”


Lord Jesus, thank you that you love me, and that I can always rely on your strength and protection. Help me to always have courage in you. Amen.




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