Acts 22:30-23:35

Read here:  Acts 22:30-23:35



This passage is worthy of a Hollywood movie if you ask me! It’s got it all: intrigue, drama, suspense, conflict and some very devious plotting.


It begins with two groups of people (the Pharisees and Sadducees) arguing over Paul and what he believes. Paul claims that Jesus has risen from the dead, which the Sadducees take great offense to. The argument gets nasty and almost breaks out into a full on fight. Yikes!


Have you ever felt like piggy-in-the-middle? Caught up in an argument or conflict with two sides fighting over you? It’s certainly a difficult situation to be in. In this passage Paul takes his strength from God, who visits Paul in the night and tells him to take courage. Take courage! Two simple words, which are easier said than done. But God doesn’t stop there, he tells Paul to move onwards and upwards, telling even more people about Jesus.


How would we feel if we were in Paul’s shoes? Would we have the courage to follow God’s plan for us, if it lead down such dangerous paths? Throughout all this conflict and strife, Paul remains true to his beliefs, and continues on his mission to tell people about Jesus and the love God has for us. He doesn’t take the easy way out; he relies on God, stays strong and is brave.


We can have that strength and courage too, with God at our side we can do so much more than on our own. So next time you feel stuck in a conflict, or too afraid to share your faith with somebody, just take a moment to think of Paul, and ask for God’s strength to be with you wherever you go.


Lord Jesus, Thank you that I can rely on your strength when I feel like I have none. Help me to have courage knowing that you are standing by me. Amen.




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