Acts 21:37-22:29

Hi folks, Carol here! I’ll be taking over LIFE BIOY this week, nice to see you 🙂


Read here:  Acts 21:37-22:29



We join Paul’s story here as he’s just been thrown out of a Jewish temple by an angry crowd, almost killed, and then arrested. I think it’s fair to say that Paul isn’t having the best day.


Does Paul get into a strop about the way he’s treated? Does he scream and shout, or cause a fuss? Nope! After Paul has been carried off in chains, he patiently explains to the crowd how meeting Jesus on the road changed his life. When we are in such a tight fix would we be so calm and collected? I know I wouldn’t!


In his story; he tells the crowds about a 180-degree turn to something he previously despised. He tells of a blinding bright light and voice. It must have been a pretty powerful experience to have made such a change to him. Not only has he changed his beliefs, he’s now willing to be chained up, arrested and put his life on the line for what he believes.


In our own lives we may not experience anything quite as dramatic, but for each of us God does have a plan – the key is to pray, listen and wait patiently for what he is saying to us. In the same way God’s plans changed Paul’s life, he can also change our lives too.


Sometimes the plans God has for us are challenging, just like with Paul. Paul puts his life in God’s hands and trusts that God will help and guide him. Is that something we can do?


Lord Jesus, thank you that there is no situation in my life where you would ever leave me. Thank you that with your strength I can do amazing things. Help me to trust in you, and to hear the plans you have for me. Amen


Why not take some time this week to pray and listen, to see if God has a plan for your life?



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