Acts 18:22-19:41

Written by the lovely Emma.


What has been your experience of the Holy Spirit?


Acts 18:22-19:41



“Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” he asked them.

“No,” they replied, “we haven’t even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.” (NLT)


What does the Holy Spirit feel like? Am I the only one who has moments when I really don’t feel anything?

This is a difficult one… I know God is always with me and the Holy Spirit is always around (like the air). I just don’t always feel the Holy Spirit with me 24/7. I sometimes go through life just hoping I’m making the right decisions and hopefully it’s the way I’m being led. I don’t think the Holy Spirit ever leaves you, but sometimes you feel as if you have never heard of it or felt it. Sometimes it’s when you reflect on things that have happened that you can see where God has been working in your life and through you.

Everyone goes through rough patches and it’s a struggle, sometimes you don’t know where to turn, where you’re going or what is going to help the situation. I don’t ever hear an answer, in fact I usually feel alone and pretty desperate for an answer. When I reflect back on those times that is when I see the Holy Spirit working, at the time you may be questioning where is God why is he not with me, looking back you see the puzzle pieces fit together the support that was there or the ‘weird coincidences’ that you cannot explain. So if you have chosen to believe, although it is difficult have faith that even when you feel alone and scared that God sent the Holy Spirit to be there.


Lord God, thank you that your Holy Spirit is always with us. Lead me on the right paths today and help me make the right decisions. Amen.


Look around today for anyone else who might be having a rough time. Pray for God’s help as you help them.


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