Acts 16

Written by Emma


How often do you do the right thing?


Acts 16



In this story something that really struck me was that fact Paul did the right thing even though he knew it would end badly. It made me think have I ever done the right thing even though I knew I would suffer for it?… erm I’m still thinking which probably means no. Great! Have I been living my life avoiding doing the right thing because I was worried of the consequences?

Oooooh… break for a mini brain wave. I have done the right thing but I have never been in a situation where something I have done would affect my life that greatly e.g. going to prison or getting beaten up. Brain wave over.

It’s so difficult to do the right thing… I remember seeing someone at school getting bullied people would talk badly about her and spread rumours that weren’t true. I was friends with her and did pair up with her in class but I never stood up for her because I was afraid people would start bullying me. Now I look back I could have told people the rumours were false, be a better friend and actually stick up for her. You must have been in a situation where you had the opportunity to do the right thing but were so fearful you couldn’t actually bring yourself to do it.

Paul did the right thing in this chapter… how and why?

How can you do the right thing if you know something bad may or will happen? And if knowing there may be consequences would you do it?

He had God on his side and although Paul knew there were going to be consequences, he trusted God would get him out. Sometimes trusting in God and doing the right things leads to something unexpected… who knows it might be an earthquake like in this chapter or it could be something small like making a new friend. Who knows what God has planned but don’t be afraid to do the right thing even if you are afraid of what may happen.


Lord, I pray for all my future opportunities please help me do the right thing. I pray you fill me with the love, confidence and faith I need to stand up and do right. I pray you protect me with your unending love as I continue in my journey with you. Thank you Lord! AMEN.


Look for an opportunity today to do the right thing!


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