Acts 15

Written by Emma


What does it mean to be saved?



Acts 15


We believe that we are all saved the same way, by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus. (NLT Version)

This is such an obvious statement to a Christian right? Yet this is one of the hardest for us to understand. I mean yeah obviously I’m a Christian Jesus died for me, but how selfish is that statement. “Jesus died for me” I use it all the time but Jesus didn’t just die for me he died for every single one of us, which isn’t massively easy to comprehend. I mean that person who picked on me or bullied me in school… Jesus died for them. I know right!

In this Chapter there are lots of different types of people who are being newly converted. These new converts have led immoral lives, worshipped different religions, have different ways of living. We have people in our modern world who haven’t heard of Jesus, who would much rather worship a celebrity, who live a life based around sin or people who have hurt us and do you know what these people who don’t know Jesus have in common with us… Jesus died for them too. They may not understand, not know what that means, or couldn’t care less but it doesn’t deny the fact that amazingly Jesus sacrificed himself to save every single person. Now although that might be difficult to understand why Jesus sacrificed his life for everyone, but isn’t it amazing to know Jesus made it possible for anybody to believe and follow him. That means anyone and everyone have it in them to follow Jesus.

What can I take away from this?


Well prayer… Jesus saved everyone – pray for people to see that, all those people who you would usually give up on pray harder for them, pray for the bullies and the bad people of the world who haven’t seen the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for them. 


If someone asks you about being a Christian tell them that it’s not just Christians but that Jesus loved everyone so much he sacrificed himself.


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