Acts 14

Acts 14

Keep on keeping on – God’s in control


So here is my last guest post on this blog for the time being.  It’s been a real joy to spend some time in Acts with you all.  Do please tweet me if you have any questions or comments.

I began the week by talking about some of the “Personality Profile” stuff I have done with work and how some people like to have their names in lights.  In our passage today, Paul and Barnabas give us a powerful image of how important it was to them that God continued to get all of the glory for what had been done in His Name.  They did not want to be famous, they wanted God to be famous.  Paul saw that the lame man from Lystra had faith that he could be healed so they prayed for him and he was.  Miraculous healing, however, does not mean that people will become Christian and many times we find that people get the wrong end of the stick.  The people of Lystra thought that Paul and Barnabas were Greek gods and tried to worship them!  They did everything they could to use this to point the people to Jesus but still they didn’t quite get it.

Not only that, some of the local Jews thought that Paul was blaspheming and so stoned him, thought he was dead and dragged him out of the city.  This definitely goes down as a tough day!!  Paul’s response, however was to get up and go straight back into the city.  He wasn’t foolish, he didn’t stay long, but he wasn’t going to let a simple thing like people trying to kill him to get in his way of preaching the Gospel!

There are times when we are convinced that our friends or family will see God at work and believe for themselves.  This isn’t always the case though and it can be so frustrating when they get the wrong end of the stick.  There are other times when we are attacked (usually verbally) for our faith.  It’s not pleasant but people have endured far worse for the Gospel.  Perhaps we would do well to follow Paul and Barnabas’s example, shake the dust from out boots and just keep on keeping on.


Lord Jesus, please give me the strength to be your servant wherever you send me and to remain true to Your Word despite any opposition I may face. Amen.




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