Acts 3

When were you last surprised by God?


Acts 3



Every part of the Old Testament points to the fact that Jesus is coming. That things are not right in the world and there is a saviour coming who would start the process of putting all things right. People came before him and said he was coming. But the Jewish leaders did not listen and many were put to death. Later on, people realised they had been right, and that they should have listened properly to what God was doing, but they had missed their chance.

And then Jesus came. But people didn’t listen to him either. Despite all the things he did that were like a big sign saying “I am God” they just didn’t get it, and decided they needed to put him to death too. They killed the one described as the “author of life”.

One of the most important phrases in the Bible is formed of two simple words: “But God…” But God raised Jesus from the dead, and that changed everything. By the same power, healing comes – even to someone who has been crippled and who is unable to do anything but to sit and beg.

The thing is, Peter saw his suffering and couldn’t sit by and watch it happen any longer. Because he knew Jesus and Jesus’ power, he knew that healing could come through Jesus’ name – Peter couldn’t heal people, but Jesus could. The one thing Peter had was Jesus – and that was the one thing he used. And it was amazing – again people were totally overwhelmed and surprised at what they saw. They shouldn’t have been – they should have known God does amazing things, but they hadn’t wanted to see that before.


Lord God, thank you that you do amazing things. We pray that we would be ready to see you at work in our world. We pray that you would use us just as you used Peter and John, so that your name might be glorified. Amen.


What are the things you can’t keep just walking past any longer? How can you show Jesus to those people?


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