Acts 2

What makes you excited?


Acts 2



This chapter is all about transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit. Firstly, the disciples were all together in one place and there was a visible sign of something happening. Something a little scary for anyone who liked fishing as there was a violent wind. Then fire came – again, a little concerning for those who know the power of fire. But rather than bringing about damage, suddenly this group started to speak in lots of different languages.

Fire and wind were both symbols of God – wind and Spirit are the same word in Hebrew. As the Hebrew people were wandering through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land, God accompanied them with a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day. Pentecost is all about God coming to dwell in his people.

The disciples were transformed firstly into great linguists able to communicate to lots of people at once. Through this, people were able to understand the message of the Gospel. Peter was transformed from a fisherman who was totally untrained in speaking to an outdoor preacher who could bring 3000 people to faith in one day. And they were all changed into a dynamic group, devoted to God and desperately seeking him with every waking moment through teaching, being with other people and through prayer. Signs and wonders happened, the group shared possessions to be able to give to the poor and kept on meeting together and sharing communion, praising God all the time. People were intrigued and each day, more and more people were saved through it.


Lord God, thank you that you transform us and change us through the power of your Holy Spirit. Make us into the people you want us to be, and help us to be totally devoted to you. Amen.


What would it look like for you and your life to be transformed? How can you devote yourself to teaching, fellowship, remembering what Jesus did and to prayer? Write down some things you would like to change and pray that God would do it to bring about his glory!


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