John 20

Do you ever have any doubts or struggles with believing in God? 


John 20



Normally when people die, it means that we don’t see them any longer. The women went to the tomb as soon as they could without breaking the Passover Sabbath rules to properly prepare Jesus’ body for burial but he wasn’t there. Peter and John who had come to find out what had happened saw the strips of linen there normally used to wrap the body, which means that no one stole the body – stealing a body would be bad enough, but you definitely wouldn’t unwrap it first!

Clearly something exciting has happened to Jesus. He had told people that he would be raised again from the dead, but they hadn’t really understood that before and when he had died it had seemed final. First he appeared to Mary and comforts her, and she is so excited that she runs to tell all the others. Then he appeared to the others in a locked room.

But Thomas wasn’t there with the others. He only heard about what had happened second hand, and he struggled with it – I mean, people just don’t come back from the dead normally. He said he wouldn’t believe it unless he could see the wounds Jesus had from the cross. A week later, Jesus appeared when Thomas was there too, but Thomas didn’t need to touch him to know it was really him. He said “My Lord and my God!” showing he understood who Jesus was.

The resurrection is something that separates Jesus from being just a good man doing good deeds somehow. People might argue that the other miracles could have been faked (I don’t think they were) but this one was too far reaching. There is more evidence for the resurrection than for a lot of other things we consider to be statements of facts. All we need to do is to believe.


Lord God, help us to believe you are God and Lord and King. Help us to overcome our disbelief and worship you, our risen Saviour. Amen.


If you are still having doubts, chat with someone else about it. And have a look at The Case of the Empty Tomb


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