John 16

When did you last feel alone? 


John 16



Jesus told his disciples that a time was coming when he would no longer be with them. He was going to die on the cross, be raised again from the dead in the resurrection, and then a few weeks later, ascend to heaven to be back at God’s side. That’s why Jesus is no longer walking the earth with us. But instead, we have the Holy Spirit. In this passage, he is called the Advocate, sometimes translated as Counsellor.

An advocate is someone who speaks or argues on someone else’s behalf. They fight your corner for you. They help you when the chips are down and you’re struggling. A counsellor helps you talk, helps you understand and be understood. This is what the Holy Spirit does for us. He is God living inside of us, giving us power and help when we need it, and helping us see God and communicate and be in relationship with him.

For the disciples, this changed everything. Suddenly they were transformed. Things got very hot for them in their communities and many ended up becoming martyrs for their faith. But what they couldn’t manage in their own strength and under their own steam, happened anyway through the power of the Holy Spirit. They were given strength and wisdom and words that they didn’t know they had, in order that the Gospel message might be spread further and so that God could be glorified.

We can know this for ourselves. God really wants us to live in the power of his Spirit, being connected fully to him and living the life he intended for us. All we need to do is ask. And then we can know that we are never alone because God is always with us.


Lord God, thank you for the power of your Spirit that brings transformation and hope. Thank you that the Holy Spirit fights our corner and helps us to understand more of you. Amen.


Ask God to fill you more and more with his Spirit. And know that what you have asked for, you will receive (see verse 24).


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