John 13

Do we love others as much as Jesus loves us?

John 13



Jesus always loved his disciples and he loved them to the very end of his earthly life. He showed his love in many ways but at the last supper in one very special way. He washed their feet! Just imagine for a moment that you are with your friends for an evening and you suddenly feel that God wants you to show how much you care for them and how willing you are to serve them by going to each one, removing their shoes and socks and washing and drying their feet. Could you do it? Would you do it? We find it much easier to try and appear a little better than others, more important, more popular, more cool, than to humiliate ourselves by acting as their servant and washing their dirty feet! Jesus was making a point – he wants us to love each other and that means, in practice, putting others first, serving them, making real sacrifices for them.

Jesus tells his disciples that as he, their Lord and teacher, has washed their feet, they should do the same for each other – he has set the example, and they should do for each other what he has done for them. Jesus hasn’t washed our feet. What has he done for us? Well much more! – He suffered and died most horribly for us – separated from his Father, God, as he took on all the bad stuff we have thought and said and done in our lives, so that we wouldn’t get what we deserve, but instead could be reunited with God.

Stop right now and just think hard about what Jesus went through for you and me and how much he must love us.

Jesus gives each of us a new command: You must love each other, just as I have loved you. If you love each other, everyone will know that you are my disciples.


Dear Lord, help us to really understand the amazing truth about what you have done for us and how deeply you love each and everyone of us. Help us to love others more and more – and even more.


Get together with a few of your Christian friends and wash each other’s feet and think on these things. It will be fun but also quite revealing. Which do you think will be easier – to wash someone else’s feet or to have them wash yours? – you may be surprised!


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