John 11:45-12:19

Are you for or against Jesus?


John 11:45-12:19



The events in this passage clearly show that people fell into one of two camps – for or against Jesus – they either wanted to find Jesus to see him, listen to him, learn from him and follow him or they wanted to find him to betray him, get rid of him and even kill him.


Some of the people who were full of God saw the things that Jesus did and put their faith in him whilst others went to the Pharisees to betray him. The Pharisees were full of themselves, not God, just saw Jesus with his powers and popularity as a great threat to their status in society and they planned to put him to death. The leaders of God’s church, planned to murder God’s son!


Ironically, God also planned to put his son to death but for an entirely different reason – to pay the price for all our sins – yours and mine – so that we may be forgiven and reunited with God. Jesus would not die for the Pharisees who were against him, he would die for all those who were for him, throughout the world and throughout time – that includes you and me!


We see both sides again when Jesus goes for a meal in Bethany with Mary, Martha and Lazarus whom he had raised from the dead. Mary was for Jesus – she took a very expensive bottle of perfume and poured it on Jesus’ feet. The disciple named Judas Iscariot was against Jesus – he criticised Mary and Jesus for wasting perfume (which could have made him some money) and he went on later to betray Jesus leading to his death – even one of Jesus’s disciples was against him!


A large crowd in Jerusalem for Passover took palm branches and greeted Jesus when he arrived, cheering and hailing him as the King of Israel but soon they would be jeering and calling for his crucifixion. One minute they’re for him, the next they’re against him!


Dear Lord, we see how easy it is for members of your church, even your close followers, to become full of themselves instead of God and to turn against you. Help us to surrender our lives to you and to be filled with your Holy Spirit. Help us to be ever more for you. Amen


During these coming days keep checking that you are living for God and not against him in everything you think, say and do.


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