John 9

Imagine what it must be like to be blind, particularly blind from birth.


John 9



As Jesus and his groupies were moving around they came across a man in the road, who had always been blind. The disciples see this as an opportunity to ask Jesus about why suffering exists. Jesus sees it as an opportunity to bring healing.

Firstly though, some people then though that this man’s parents were to blame for their child’s blindness. It was thought that God was punishing them for something. This would be deeply unfair, and creates a picture of a harsh and unforgiving God which the Bible just does not agree with. This is not who God is. Jesus doesn’t give a specific reason for the blindness, but points out that God will be glorified through it as the man is healed.

Yet again, the Pharisees are unhappy. It doesn’t take much for them. Again, this took place on the wrong day. They question the man and his parents. His parents are scared (probably having been judged for the last 20 years due to the non-existent terrible thing they had done to make him blind). They fudge an answer together to try to keep everyone happy. But the man is happy to say it was Jesus that heals him, and states the obvious – that God is at work through the healing – because had Jesus not been sent by God, he wouldn’t be healing anyone. For this, the man is thrown out of the synagogue – the Jewish church and community too. His faith and trust in Jesus cost him a lot.

It’s funny though, because the man who was blind at the start of the story is the one who can see who Jesus really is, and those who aren’t blind are the ones who seem to struggle the most.


Lord God, thank you for the amazing miracles you have done. We pray for all those who are suffering today that they might know you close to them. Help us to see you at work. Amen.


Pray for God to reveal more and more of himself to you so that you can see who he really is.


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