John 7

Who was the last person you argued with?


John 7




Jesus is the Son of God. He is the Saviour of the World. We know that because we know the whole story. But people around him struggled to understand. One group in particular struggled with that – the Jewish leaders. They thought that they knew what God was doing. They thought they knew how things worked and what was going on. They didn’t understand Jesus. So they argued with him.

Some of their arguing was harmless, and demonstrated that they were eager to find out more about God. Sometimes it got a bit more serious than that and they actually tried to kill Jesus because of it. But his time had not yet come, so they failed.

The thing is, people could spend all day arguing about who Jesus is, and miss what he is actually doing. Someone had been healed but all the religious leaders cared about was that it had happened on the wrong day of the week. It’s like missing out on the best party ever because you are too busy working out whether the crisps are salt and vinegar.

Don’t miss out on what Jesus is doing. It might not fit into all our boxes and rules and regulations. But it will be spectacular.

Jesus we thank you that you are totally amazing. We are sorry for the times when we start arguing and miss what you are doing in the world. Help us to see you at work.

If you’ve argued with someone recently, what can you do to patch things up with them? Or if you haven’t fallen out with anyone, can you help anyone who has?


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