John 6:22-71

When was the last time you felt really really full after eating?

John 6:22-7



This passage is again all about food. But this time, Jesus is pointing out a bit more what the miracle might mean. He says that he himself is the bread of life – that if we come to him we will never be hungry and if we believe in him, we will never be thirsty. This doesn’t mean we’ll never want any more food (I’m hungry right now in fact) but it means that Jesus alone satisfies. He is enough.

I was once on a mission trip to China and I spent a morning in a bakery that sent bread into North Korea because food is short there, especially in the orphanages where the rolls were going to be sent. We kneaded the dough and prayed for the children. The recipe was one that included as much nutrition as possible – for those children, that might have been the only food they would get all day.

Bread can be enough to live off, even if it might be a bit boring. Everywhere it is a standard food type. It’s enough.

But for the crowds, it wasn’t enough. Many of them didn’t like what Jesus was saying, in particular what he was saying about eating his body (this is what we do in Communion when we eat the bread, it’s not about cannibalism). They decided to turn away. Some, however, decided to stay – as Peter puts it, Jesus alone has the words of eternal life.


Jesus, thank you that you alone satisfy and that you are enough. Help us to follow you and to keep on following you, even when it gets hard. Amen.


What are the hard things God is calling you to today?


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