John 6:1-21

What are you afraid of?


John 6:1-21


This is the story of probably the most well known of all Jesus’ miracles. There is a huge crowd, and somehow 5 small barley loaves and 2 small fish feed them all with 12 baskets of leftovers. It’s a story that demonstrates Jesus’ compassion. He had been seeking some downtime with his friends, but the crowd had followed them. But he didn’t send them away to fend for themselves, instead he provided for them. He doesn’t provide only what is necessary, but way over and above what is needed. There is enough room and more than enough room in his blessing for all.

It is interesting though how he includes the disciples in this task. Not only does he ask for their help, but he stretches and challenges them to use what they have in front of them. They are the ones who help to make the miracle happen. What has God put in front of you that he can multiply and expand to help build his kingdom here on earth?

After a big dinner, Jesus withdrew again as he didn’t want to be manipulated by the crowds – as he has said before, his time has not yet come. But then that night as the disciples are out they see him walking on the water coming towards them. It must have been terrifying for them. They hear him saying to them “It is I, don’t be afraid.” The words “It is I” are the same as one of the names of God in the Old Testament – “I am”. They have no reason to be afraid because God is with them.


Lord God, thank you that you are in control, and with you there is no reason to be afraid. Thank you that you do miracles. We pray for all those today who don’t have enough to eat. Amen.


Find out a way in which you can help those who don’t have enough to eat today


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