John 2

What do you do to have fun?


John 2



Weddings are a serious business. And very expensive. But mostly they are an outpouring of joy and celebration as a couple celebrate the life they are going to spend together. Imagine being in charge of a party and something quite important has gone wrong – the wine has run out. Weddings back in Jesus’ day went on for up to a week and the whole community would come out to celebrate and to join the party. Jesus and his disciples came along to this one. They enjoyed time together and celebrating. They were normal.

But the wine has run out. Jesus’ mother knows that Jesus can do special things, and suggests that he sorts the situation out. He doesn’t want the attention but still saves the day. He asks the servants to fill jars with water and when the person in charge of the party tastes it, it has transformed into wine of the finest vintage. Jesus would be a very useful addition to any party.

It’s not about the alcohol though, it’s about the fact that Jesus steps into the everyday. He cares enough about even a small wedding in a tiny corner of the world. It’s also a symbol of the blessing that is going to be poured out through Jesus – so much more was given than was needed and it was amazing stuff. And it’s just a sneak peak of what is going to come through Jesus’ death when his blood was poured out for all of us, symbolised in the wine we drink when we take communion.


Father God, thank you that you care for the small things as well as the big things. Thank you that you bless us and that you sent Jesus to die for us. Amen.


Write down some of the things God has blessed you with that you are thankful for today.


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