John 1:35-51

What was your first reaction when you heard about Jesus?


John 1:35-51


Jesus was a magnetic character. People suddenly wanted to follow him, to find out more about him, who he was where he was from, where he was staying. John the Baptist (Jesus’ cousin) had told everyone that Jesus was the “Lamb of God”. He doesn’t mean that Jesus had a brilliant Christmas jumper. He was talking about a system the Jewish people had to show how God’s forgiveness worked – a lamb was sacrificed each year to symbolise the sins of the people, and through the lamb, God would forgive people. Jesus was to do the same, only he would be real, and not a symbol.

But people wanted to know more and more and more. Andrew’s first reaction was to find his brother Simon and tell him that they had discovered the Messiah, the person who was going to save Israel – he was just so excited about what he had found. Philip did exactly the same with his friend Nathanael.

Nathanael is a bit more skeptical than the others. He thought that the Scriptures said it was impossible for the Messiah to have been born in Nazareth (and he was right – but Jesus was born in Bethlehem, he just didn’t realise that)

Have you told anyone else you have found Jesus? Are you excited about what you have discovered?


Lord God, thank you that meeting you is the most exciting part of our lives. Today I pray for courage to share the joy of knowing you with other people around me. Amen.


Can you think of a friend God might be prodding you to share your excitement about knowing Jesus to?


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