John 1:1-34


Are you scared of the dark?


John 1:1-34



John uses images and pictures to describe Jesus.  He talks about the life that can be found in Jesus and about how that life is the light of all people. Nothing can overcome that light.

I remember when I was little we lived somewhere where there were a lot of power cuts. When it all went dark, we used to put a tea light in the basin in my room and it would light the whole room up from that one little candle. If you’re in the dark and you put a light on, even a tiny light, you are no longer in the dark. You can see even just a bit, and it means you are no longer scared. Jesus is that light – he enables us to be able to see, and there is nothing that can put that light out.

But not everyone likes living in the light – those who do bad things prefer the cover of darkness. Some people didn’t even recognise him. But for everyone who did see the light coming – who did recognise Jesus as being God – the right was given to become children of God.

Jesus, the light of the world, has come into the world. He is God making himself known to us, coming to live on earth, coming to move into the neighbourhood.


Lord Jesus, thank you for coming into the world. Thank you that you are so powerful that nothing can overcome you. Thank you that you have come to save us.

Why not think of a way in which you can be like John the Baptist and point to Jesus as light of the world today?


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